Stolzsein Demolition Man

Diesel has matured into a large substantial dog. He has strong bone, a strong masculine head with dark eyes and pigmentation. He has a open and friendly temperament.

Diesel is loved and lives with Vince, Rosanne, Danielle and Christian Moca. We thank them for the great work they are doing with Diesel and greatly appreciate them allowing us to show this handsome boy. 

HD and ED  - Yet to be done, Eyes Clear and Correct Dentition
 DOB: 8th April 2009











Multi V1, National Rottweiler Council (Australia) Champion, Australian Champion Ludendorf Jaeger

HD:3.2, ED:R2 L2,
E & M Cert,
NRCA Breed Survey Pass

DNA Profiled #ROT12604






Multi V rated,
Ludendorf Ferro (AI)

HD 3.3, ED R1 L0
Eyes Clear, Scissors
, NRCA Breed Survey


Multi V1,
Utz vom Hause Miles, BH AD SCH ll (USA)

RO-53691G71M-PI, RO-EL2180M24-T, HD 2.2 ED1.1


Multi V rated, Bailifscourt Aboss Aria (AI)
HD 1.4 ED R0 L1
Eyes Clear, Scissors









Multi V1 rated,
Ludendorf Evie

HD 3.3, ED R0 L0,
E & M Cert,

NRCA Breed Survey Pass



Australian Champion, National Rottweiler Council (Australia) Champion,
Multi BISS, Multi V1, Multi V,
Allgemein Felix

HD 3.4, ED R1 L1
E & M Cert


Dam: Multi V rated,
Bailifscourt Aboss Aria (AI)

HD 1.4, ED R0 L1
E & M Cert









Blakesims Oncruz Control

HD: 3.3, ED: R1 L0, Eyes Clear Scissors
NRC[A] HD ED Eye and Mouth Certified #002416 

DNA Profiled #ROT19031









V Rated,
Stolzsein JQ Urthe Bosch

HD: 2.3, ED: R0 L0,
NRC[A] HD, ED, E & M Cert #001055

DNA #ROT19030


Multi V1, Multi BISS, Australian Champion
Jenecks Quik BH, Ztp

HD: 0.0 E & M Cert


Multi V1, RUBISS, '98 RCV Siegerin, Australian Champion Linbedach Twist N Shout
HD: 3.6, ED: R2 L1
E & M Cert, NRCA Breed Survey Pass 






Dam: V Rated,
Blakesims Petra v Gowenhaus (USA - Imp via UK)

HD: 5.5, ED: R0 L0
E & M Cert


Dolf von Bickesheim,
Multi-Sieger, SchH 1 (GMY),
ADRK 096680, KC WS06680701 HD frei



Gina vom Gowenhaus (USA), WP93705301, RO-61792G26F, RO-EL3744F26-Normal


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