Blakesims Oncruz Control

Tilli is from a litter of 9 puppies. She was an active puppy and loves to chase her ball. Tilli has grown into a large bitch with a strong head and muzzle with dark eyes and good mouth pigment. She has strong bone with excellent substance with mahogany markings. Her movement is fluid and she covers the ground with ease. She has a great attitude to life and takes all in her stride, she has a willingness to please and is showing good working drives.

HD: 3.3, ED: R1 L0, Eyes Clear, Scissors Bite

NRC[A] HD ED Eye and Mouth Certified #002416
DNA Profiled#ROT19031    DOB:12th January 2007

Tilli is a daughter of our Stolzsein JQ Urthe Bosch

Tilli has great character and can be vocal at times. She lets you know what is happening around the place and will give you an alert bark when something is not right around our property. We have a number of horses behind our property and there is a ménage at the top of the hill. Tilli always lets us know when there is a horse being worked on the ménage by giving us an alert bark. She also likes to give you a little song when dinner is about to be served or when she first gets up in the morning she will serenade you and let you know how happy she is. This girl is certainly very entertaining in many ways.

Tilli has a very playful nature and enjoys playing soccer with the ball and has become very proficient in pushing it from one one end of the yard to the other. She also enjoys chasing the motorbike tyre that her father Bosch likes to play with. To say this girl has character is an understatement











Sire : V rated, Stolzsein JQ Urthe Bosch

HD: 2.3, ED: R0 L0, NRC[A] HD, ED,
E & M Cert #001055, DNA Profiled







Multi V1, Multi BISS, Australian Champion Jenecks Quik,

HD: 0.0

Eye and Mouth Cert.


Multi ARV Sieger, V-1, Jenecks Wotan, SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, BH, AD, Gekort bis EzA, Korung, ARC Gold Producer Award 1998, WP0309384, RO-3465G24M-T


Multi V rated,
Jenecks Bessy, Ztp, BH






RUBISS, '98 RCV Siegerin, Australian Champion Linbedach Twist N Shout

HD: 3.6 ED: R2 L1, Eye and Mouth Cert., NRCA Breed Survey Pass


Multi V, Australian Champion Linbedach My Dakota,
HD: 1.0, ED: R2 L2,
Eyes Clear, Scissor Bite


Australian Champion Linbedach Brooke Shields, HD: 5.3 Eye Clear, Scissor













V rated,
Blakesims Petra v Gowenhaus (USA - Imp via UK)

HD: 5.5, ED: R0 L0, Eye and Mouth Cert.








Dolf von Bickesheim, Multi-Sieger, SchH 1, ADRK 096680, AKC WS06680701 HD frei


Endy von der Kurpfalz,
SchH 111
, AD, BH, IPO 111, HD frei ADRK 87829


Multi V-1,
Tessy von Bickesheim,
BH, ZtP, SchH 1,
HD+/- ADRK 80936


Gina vom Gowenhaus, WP93705301 RO-61792G26F RO-EL3744F26-Normal (USA)


American Champion Newahause Argo v Henk, WP73198609, RO-57155E28M-T


Annchen V. Zweiberg Newahause, WP59481802,RO-51987G24F

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