Mud Monsters

I have to say this is my favourite page.

The Mud Monsters have put smiles on many faces. We only get a visit from the Mud Monsters, otherwise known as MM's when the rain arrives and in the drought we have had here in Australia for over 7 years it wasn't often that the Mud Monsters came to visit. I must admit I was very happy to see the rain as it may bring out a MM or two.

Since the drought has broken the grass has grown and we no longer have large patches of dirt. The visits by the Mud Monsters have been few and far between, but we do occasionally see a MM or two or three!

Imme was one of our original MM's and has since shared the secret with her other kennel mates, all visitors as well as teaching her pups in the art of an MM. We don't always manage to get pictures of the MM's in action, but below are some that we have managed to capture.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.