Litter July 2018

We have a beautiful female puppy available from this litter.

Our aim is to breed healthy, beautiful and intelligent Rottweilers that can perform in any discipline and are also great companions and family members. 
Both parents have had all genetic testing done that is currently available for Rottweilers and are clear.

Litter whelped; 18 July 2018   -   5 males and 2 females


HD 2.2 - Grade 1, ED 0.1, Eye and Mouth Certificates, DNA Profiled,
OFA Heart Cert RO-CA7276/30M/P-VPI

Edge has been DNA tested with Laboklin (UK) for the following; JLPP - Clear,
Long Coat - Clear, Hyperuricosuria - Clear, X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy - Clear,
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear 

Edge is a very large impressive male of excellent breed type who possesses all the required hallmarks of the breed and he has a typical Rottweiler temperament. He is a great dog to live with, he has a strong desire to please and loves his family. Edge has excelled in the show ring since a baby puppy and has won many awards along the way to obtaining his Grand Champion Title. He is an all round Rottweiler by proving he has both beauty and brains.


HD 1.0, ED 0.0, Eye and Mouth Certificate, DNA Profiled,
OFA Heart Cert RO-CA7683/57F/P-VPI

KoKo has been DNA tested with Laboklin (UK) for the following; JLPP - Clear,
Long Coat - Clear, Hyperuricosuria - Clear, X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy - Clear,
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear

KoKo is a large female who is an excellent representative of the breed in both Type and Temperament. She has a strong yet feminine head, dark eyes and pigmentation, compact body, strong bone with good angulations and an out going forward and open temperament. KoKo is a Best In Specialty Show Winner and we are very excited to see what she can produce in the whelping box. Her temperament is typical and correct and she is an absolute pleasure to be around. KoKo will be out and about next year with the aim to add some working titles to her name.

This combination brings together some very impressive and well known dogs from around the world. We expect pups from this combination to grow into large and substantial dogs with strong heads and bone. We also expect them to display the same temperaments of their parents, that is to have strong sound temperaments with an even disposition that will be suitable for show, work and or as a family companion.

Both parents comply and hold certificates for HD ED Eye and Mouth under the NRC(A) requirements. They are both JLPP clear as well as both having OFA Heart Certificates, being DNA profiled and are also LCG Clear. They are also tested clear for all the genetic testing available for Rottweilers through Laboklin (UK).

Member of a number of State Rottweiler Clubs around the country and have been actively involved with this breed for over 30 years. Member of Tracking Club of Victoria, Tracking Club of South Australia and Broadmeadows Obedience Dog Club Inc.

All pups will come with a comprehensive puppy pack, which contains amongst other things a copy of the parent’s information including all health clearances, a detailed diet sheet, breed information as well as further information pertaining to the breed. All pups will be vaccinated, microchipped and wormed and will have a Veterinary Health Clearance prior to being homed. The pups will be registered with the ANKC via Dogs Victoria and be on Limited Registration unless arranged prior. 
We believe in heavy socialisation with our pups and from the first day they are well handled and also exposed to many types of stimuli to help them develop, including interacting with our older dogs, sensory experiences and more.
For more information on this exciting litter please call or email.
03 9436 1659 (please not calls after 8 pm)